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Driftwood is the travel and culture digest for the graduated vegan. Each issue brings you stories of vegan travel adventures, profiles on people, and advancements in our global community.

We're here to break away from the entry-level content that fills most vegan magazines, the recipes and celebrity lists, and explore what lies beyond the threshold.

Driftwood is a celebration of what is possible in a vegan world. It's a place to see other vegans and celebrate our world with and through each other. The  publication launched in 2015, in simultaneous print and digital editions.

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Raise Vegan


World’s Leading Vegan Parenting Magazine. Inspired by the lack of information for parents to raise their children on a plant-based diet. Founder Janet Kearney set out to change the misconceptions about vegan children and started the Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting community online. It quickly grew to thousands of families around the world, and Emily Wood joined her as partner and founder of Raise Vegan.

Where the world’s first digital and print magazine dedicated solely to vegan parents was born.

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