"green" baby & child essentials

Madison Jane Boutique - AU


Madison Jane is an online and in-store baby and children’s clothing boutique located in the creative and up-and-coming suburb of Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. We provide style-conscious and proud parents with all things

beautiful and hand-made. We believe that comfort, style and play time are compatible, so we specialise in stocking a carefully selected range of gorgeous hand-made, organic and unique clothing for children, babies and toddlers, toys, nursery décor, organic skincare products and so much more! Madison Jane stocks a large range of eco-friendly children’s, toddler’s and baby toys. Along with our long lasting, sturdy wooden toys, children’s tepees. All of our products are built to last and designed with creating a sustainable future in mind. Madison Jane also stocks: organic baby clothes, luxury baby blankets, rag dolls, books for toddlers, baby room décor, kids backpacks, kids lunchbags, safe and eco-friendly toys and gifts for baby showers. 

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Eve of Indigo - AU


We are a family run online store based in the Northern Rivers of NSW who believe in creating a sustainable way of life for our children and future generations. We have chosen environmentally aware companies to work with who are making ethical choices. Here you will find a consciously curated selection of quality products to help you find the best natural fibre clothing, toys, accessories and essentials for your children. Choosing natural and organic is not only kinder to the environment but kinder on our precious babies. This is also important at every stage of motherhood so we have natural and safe products for mum too. We aim to make sure that we provide unique, functional and beautiful products. Items that are also perfect for gift giving - they are gifts that you know will be well used and loved.

We believe that all children deserve the best start and the chance to thrive so we are dedicated to donating a portion of every single sale to a charity working hard to create lasting change for disadvantaged children. Please see our Charity page to read more about our chosen charity and to see how your purchase can make a difference. 

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Cute eco baby


My name is Hagar Magen, I'm a mother to 4 adorable children and I own the online store named "Cute Eco Baby". I believe in a business that employs mothers for small children so that it allows them to raise children at home and work from home. Just like me. 

Eco-cloth diapers for your cute baby, First Step Shoes, Swaddling Blanket, and many more cute products to suit the early stages of your baby's life. Because it is ecological:

Cloth diapers may be used for all children from birth to weaning.

Diapers made of natural or synthetic fabrics made from recycled materials.

Many families buy second-hand cloth diapers. Every day is born in about 350,000 infants and toddlers = approximately 55 tons of waste is not biodegradable in one day!

Every day is born in about 350,000 infants and toddlers = approximately 55 tons of waste is not biodegradable in one day!

Garbage produced disposable diapers is the third largest in the world.

One child from birth to weaning produces about 1 ton of garbage disposable diapers.

Regular disposable diaper biodegradable between 250 and 500 years.

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Baby quoddle


All natural, non-toxic, pure rubber hand blown glass baby bottle. Au Design. Compliant with mandatory Au-UK & US NSB.

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Bam Loves Boo - AU


All Bam Loves Boo clothing is made from a unique fabrication, a perfect blend of organic bamboo and organic GOTS certified cottons which means they are beautifully soft, stretchy and breathable for comfortable wear and play.  It also means that they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Win Win!

Clean and neutral colour palettes, coordinating prints and unisex pieces are our design mantra.  We are all about making beautiful clothing that you love, for the little people you love, in a eco-friendly and socially responsible way. 

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Petals and Berry - UK


✖️embroidered children’s clothes ✖️for custom orders- please dm or email✖️turnaround 3 weeks✖️Made in 🇬🇧✖️organic & natural✖️

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Pretty Without Pink - au


Pretty Without Pink is for little girls who dare to dream big. Where you'll find ethically made clothing for girls that isn't pink.

Founded by a mama of two girls, Pretty Without Pink was born due to the frustration in finding an overwhelming amount of pink clothing for girls and a desire to create something different. Ethically sourced

We only stock brands whose clothes are ethically made; either those who support fair working conditions, or whose clothes are hand made. We also like to support brands whose fabrics are sourced responsibly, who are conscious of their global footprint, and where possible, brands who are making a positive contribution to the world. See our list of brands here and what makes them so special. We're constantly adding new brands and have some exciting new things in the pipeline, so watch this space!

Our footprint
We're doing everything we can to minimise waste. Your purchases will be sent to you in 100% recycled and reusable poly mailers and wrapped in 100% recycled tissue. And because even the smallest details count, we've also chosen to use recycled shipping labels and biodegradable tape to help reduce our impact on the earth.

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Mini mint studio - california


Mini Mint is an earth friendly, modern children’s and lifestyle shop focused on bringing conscious and beautiful products to Santa Cruz mamas. Mini Mint has taken the time to thoroughly research all of our vendors to ensure that everything is safe, eco/socially friendly and fun. We work with other mama makers, local artists and socially responsible companies so that you can feel confident knowing you are supporting a positive impact in our world. Mini Mint also offers educational workshops, classes, Mini Mint Mama Groups and events for the entire family! At Mini Mint we believe in supporting people and our planet. We believe that baby and children’s products can and should be beautiful. We believe in helping our minis and mamas to be the best they can be. We believe in community and friendships. We believe in nontoxic, sustainable living. We believe in wonder and the power of play.

We strive to be transparent with our products and want you to feel confident in your choices! Look for these images on the product pages to identify eco friendly, socially responsible and local products.

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Penoora's Knitwear


Penoora’s combines Scandinavian simplicity with traditional craftsmanship. We use only high-quality materials like linen, GOTS certified organic cotton, Oeko-Tex wool and mercerized cotton. All our clothes are handmade by female artisans coming from a variety of professional backgrounds. Our group consists of retired bank officials, police officers, university students, cooks and teachers just to name a few. Common for all is their desire to work with their art.

As Penoora's, our goal is to identify and promote talented women with high potential, who for certain reasons aren't able to participate in the workforce. We are no charity, however; Our focus is on building self-confidence in women through productivity, creativity, art and good work ethics.

We support the Fashion Revolution and value transparency and good ethics as being essential to our production principles. All our clothes are unique and are tagged with the name of the woman who made them. We believe these individual differences are the essence of handmade goods and create a bond between the artisan and the consumer. 

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Baby Quoddle


Introducing the Baby Quoddle - the all natural baby bottle!

Quoddle bottles have been designed and engineered in Cairns Australia. Made from hand blown borosilicate glass they are dishwasher-safe and thermal shock resistant. Meaning it can withstand heating, cooling and is microwave safe.

Completely plastic free, the easy to attach pure hevea rubber teat is free from hardening agents and any harmful chemical compounds, and is perfectly shaped for composite or bottle feeding. 

All components are free of BPA, polycarbonates, phthalates and PVC.

The team at Baby Quoddle have travelled the world to find the best manufactures to develop each individual component.

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The Eco Baby Co.™️


We walk the natural path in just about all aspects of our lives as much as possible, choosing organic, sustainable, ethically sourced options, heck we even had a natural home birth! This transfers into the products we choose to share with your family.

If a product is truly natural, non-toxic, and safe it’s packaging should be as well in our opinion. That’s why we’re passionate about only carrying plastic-free toys and products. Moreover, because we have our own food sensitivities we are mindful about labeling our products and having a selection of products free from common allergens.

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Sustainable knitwear for babies, handmade in Denmark. Every Baby Barn order is hand knit in Denmark. More importantly, there really is a little piece of Denmark in every Baby Barn product. Not just because it was designed and made here, but because of a few values in Scandinavian culture that have become ingrained in Baby Barn:⠀

Benefitting the greater good - Baby Barn believes in the Etsy platform because it closes the loop between the end-user and the producer. By being a part of Etsy, we hope to inspire more companies to move toward, and more consumers to seek out transparent supply chains.

Being close to nature - All Baby Barn products are made of either 100% organic cotton or wool. It is important for us to offer you sustainable products that are both healthy for babies, and for the planet.

Balancing design with functionality - It is no secret that when it comes to designing a beautiful chair that will last for 50+ years, the Danes have got it down. We aim for a similar balance in all Baby Barn products, using high quality yarn that can be easily washed, and is soft and comfortable on newborn skin.


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AshleyRose Clothing


I believe in mindful, careful consumption of the highest quality
products so that customers can buy fewer of them. AshleyRose Clothing
cares deeply about making things the right way and chooses to focus on
high-quality products rather than profits. My business is for those
who want better, not more. Respecting the people we work with,
fostering relationships within the community, promoting positive
company culture, and consciously recognizing the environment are just
as important as the products we make.

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When we launched our Cotton Basics Collection™ of conventional cotton clothing in 2005, our number one goal was to provide safe, minimally-processed, 100% cotton garments. That meant no harsh added chemicals, no dangerous flame retardants, and the use of safe and gentle dyes.

After much research, we discovered the added benefits of transitioning this Cotton Basics Collection™ to 100% certified ORGANIC cotton. Organic is not only safer for our little customers and the environment, but equally important for the cotton farmers who suffer the risk of serious illnesses brought on by close contact with the many carcinogenic pesticides still used in conventional cotton farming today.

Many of these farmers are parents themselves, and we want them to be around for their little ones. So, we've taken this first step toward creating a better environment for everyone and we thank you for joining us on this important journey.

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sustainable services for babies and children

Bilby Bums - AU


Bilby Bums was inspired through a raw and sincere passion for our planet, but more importantly was inspired through discovering how polluted our landfills are. 

Here at Bilby Bums, we are passionate about helping our planet. We are a mother and daughter team here to educate parents on how important sustainable nappy choices are to the environment and your kids. Not only do we sell our nappies, we also provide a delivered nappy laundering service to our local customers in the Rockhampton/ Capricorn Coast area. 

We are the 1st Modern Cloth Nappy Laundry Service in the Rockhampton/ Capricorn Coast area. 

However, we understand people may think "Cloth"... really?? That was used by my Grandma." Well, Cloth has come a very long way since then.  These are not your Nanny cloth nappies. They are a MODERN CLOTH NAPPY or abbreviated to MCN and we absolutely LOVE THEM.  With millions of nappies end up in landfill every year. We want to make parent/ carers lives easier, while helping remove the toll on our landfills and our precious earth. 

There are so many reasons why to use Cloth nappies. Cloth nappies are soft against your baby’s bottom. They are also free of the many chemicals contained in disposable nappies. Our common sense tells us that Cloth nappies are the ultimate in recycling because they are used again and again, not entering a landfill until they are nothing but rags.

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