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JollyOrange Photography - St. Charles, MO

I am a family photographer in St. Charles, MO. My greatest passions in life are conservation, photog

I am a family photographer in St. Charles, MO. My greatest passions in life are conservation, photography, and healthy relationships. Conservation has a major impact on my views of life and plays a major role in this business. I am very passionate about sustainability and it’s a consideration at the base of all of my decisions. A major part of living sustainably, is limiting the amount of natural resources I use and reducing the amount of damage that is done to the environment on my behalf. As such, I have been drawn to a minimalistic lifestyle. Being a minimalist has led me to focus on what’s really important in life, my relationships. Additionally, when I started reducing my number of possessions, I became a lot more focused on quality instead of quantity. 

This mindset has led me to become an eco-friendly photographer. I want to help you celebrate the most important thing in your life, your family. I want to capture your memories so that they can bring you joy for years to come and you can share them with others. I also have worked very hard to find eco-friendly suppliers that provide heirloom quality products so that your wall art and designer albums can be passed down to future generations and not end up in a landfill.

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LeeYen Photography - Portland, OR


Seeking beautiful and timeless relationships. Whether it be the start of your journey as a couple or the frequent documenting of your growing little ones.  With a disregard for what’s trendy and instead seeking what truly makes you YOU. 

Soulful simplicity and a constant search to live and love intentionally. 

Based in the PNW with frequent travel to Utah, Hawaii and Guatemala.In my business itself I am 100% paperless (contacts/release forms/payments etc... everything is done online) and send digital galleries. I do not use cd or USB keys and I support the sustainable wedding community by giving photo interviews of local vendors who promote sustainability. I’ve started with micro flower farms and florists and have a bakery and wedding planner scheduled in the next couple of months.

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Katie day photos - USA


Free-flowing, adventurous, unassuming, and honest. Whether it's an elopement, a wedding, a beloved session, or a truth session - your experience will center around these key themes. Here are five earth friendly photography business practices that we conduct with every client:

Full-service photographer based in the PNW (Seattle, Washington). Travel makes my heart sing, so if you connect with the photographs that you see, I'd love to hear about where you're located and what you have in mind. 

  1. When meeting clients for their consultation, if it’s not in the comfort of their own home, it’s likely to happen in a coffee shop that makes an avid attempt to avoid or reduce waste. 
  2. 1) Recycle old equipment, and  2) Purchase what is used; this is one detail that we focus on to create less waste.
  3. Hahnemühle photography prints.
  4. I am proud to support four small business across the U.S.. It feels good to partner with other business owners, as opposed to big companies, knowing that all of my products are ethically sourced – each carefully hand printed, hand stretched, hand designed, and handmade. 
  5. Running an ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly business has been something of an ongoing process; one that I’m learning to be more conscious of as a business owner.

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Trinity Wheeler Photography - Ventura, ca


A professional photographer for over 17 years, Trinity shoots weddings, newborns and corporate events, and assists business owners with head shots and imagery to convey their brand messaging. “My favorite thing about my career is the opportunity to be part of memories that families will look upon for generations to come,” says Trinity. She is extremely passionate about providing clients with the highest quality products to preserve and showcase their photos. “I believe images should be professionally printed,” says Trinity. “The viewing experience is so much richer when an image is printed.” To that end, she’s selected her purveyors based on quality, sustainability and their regard for mother nature. All the products she offers are prepared in California at a Green Certified Business by tradesmen that she has long-established relationships with.

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Comeplum photography


ComePlum specializes in ethical wedding photography & portraits for go-getter women who are impacting the world 

About the name:
Say it out loud. Doesn't it make you grin? Doesn't it make you giggle?
It's the SparkNotes version of a limerick.
I chose ComePlum because it conveys clever delight.

About the artist:
I enjoy the challenge of doing a personality justice in one still moment.

Oh, forgive me, I haven't introduced myself yet, my name is Praise.
I am an optimist, Christ-follower, and skilled storage case estimator.
And I also like Tuesdays.

Oh, and people-watching and making puns.

And one more thing you should know: I collect silly jokes.
Do you have one? Please share it with me at

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Sam and Louise photography


Finding someone you want to share the rest of your life with is a big deal. It's the beginning of your very own "Happily ever after" and that's definitely something worth celebrating!


We want to be there to help tell your story authentically- in a way that’s both fun and creative, but most importantly unobtrusive. Our documentary approach means you’re free to enjoy your day without unnecessary interruption. No fake smiles, no awkward poses, just relaxed and natural coverage. Coverage that's cool, candid and colourful! 


From first kisses to first dances, with two photographers as standard, we’ll be there to capture the lot! 

We do our best to ensure sustainability by minimising waste at every stage of the booking and delivery process. All our booking forms, brochures etc can be accessed and submitted online making our service paper free. We also provide our couples with a free online gallery for their wedding photographs which is live for 10years, minimising the need for plastic waste from discs and usbs. They can simply download their files instead. All our packaging is recycled, recycle able and from eco friendly sustainable sources. Our products are suitable for vegans cruelty free and we do not use any animal by products in our packaging.

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