Ethically made clothes and accessories

Cultural Threads


Cultural Threads is a collection of one-of-a kind essentials, handmade by experienced Peruvian artisans. All our products embody the love and energy rooted within the Peruvian culture. We provide an opportunity for our artisans to earn an income that helps support their families and communities, all while continuing to live a traditional lifestyle. Preserving traditions. Empowering Women. 

Supply Chain: All of the fiber to make our knitwear is ethically sourced directly from the Andes. Our artisans raise the alpaca, sheer their wool, spin the yarn and knit our products. Giving Back. We strive to bring as much aid as we can to our artisans and the community around them. Medical needs, education, awareness, basic living necessities to make life above 13,000ft. more comfortable. We are grateful for the donations from family and friends. Items we have brought include; tooth brushes, toothpaste, lotion, sunscreen, medical supplies, warm kids clothes, rechargeable headlamps, etc. The people of the Andes are in need of outside help. We are always looking for more collaborations to bring further aid.

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Conscious Step


We make socks that fight for causes that matter. Made with Organic Cotton & Fairtrade Certified. Conscious Step was created to bring more awareness to the problems faced by the world today and the organizations fighting these problems.To take a product that everyone uses and produce it in a way that gives back to the planet rather than taking from it.

We’re always working to ensure that the purchase of our products supports emerging markets, guarantees a fair wage and promotes environmental sustainability. 

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Safe and wild clothing


Handprinted,cruelty-free, vegan inspired clothing that gives back by supporting animal conservation/protection charities🌿 Safe and Wild LTD was founded on our belief that the natural world has two fundamental rights, to be safe and to be wild.

Inspired by our love of the natural world, our vegan lifestyle, and travelling, Safe and Wild LTD brings you apparel, designed and printed in-house in the UK, with a focus on originality, ethics and quality.

At least 20% of our profits go to animal protection and conservation charities to ensure that your purchases directly influence the lives of animals around the globe.  Keep the look out for our limited run, special edition ranges focussing on a single cause.

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Mavolu - Germany


MAVOLU is an online shop for fashion & accessories that are both sustainable and innovative, featuring items made from banana fibre, Piñatex, peace silk, and many other innovative products. Of course, the use of innovative materials isn’t the only answer to a more sustainable fashion industry. However, choosing a low impact material as the base of a product is certainly a step into the right direction. Since the fibre creation is at the very beginning of the supply chain, it can either have a negative or positive impact on all further stages of the production process and user phase – for example in terms of human toxicity for farmers, weavers and even consumers. So if a sustainable fibre choice is made to begin with, then that's already contributing a lot towards a better future in fashion.

The products that are offered on MAVOLU all have a unique selling point and show very different approaches towards a more conscious consumption. In order to keep things simple, a range of different icons can be used to navigate through the sustainability criteria, giving you the option to choose those products that are most related to your own values.

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ECODEA. Sustainable fasion. Organic women and babies clothes. Eco-Friendly bags made in Italy.Welcome to my Eco Shop 💚 I'm Antonella Verriello, an Italian Fashion Designer based in Puglia. I created my collection with quality fabrics coming from local crops, with all environmental impact as nettle , hemp, linen and Bamboo, strong Plants that nourish the soil from harmful substances and reduce the greenhouse effects.
All the fabrics I have chosen came from Italy and worked my self,in my atelier in Bari, Apulia.
I try to represent a woman who takes consciousness in her way to dress up, choosing to wear natural , biodegradable, eco-friendly, recyclable fabrics.
A dress made by 100% organic fabrics, makes you feel happy because everything was made with respect of environment.
As concerne the Accessories I used Nile Perch Fish leather.
Unique pieces hand made in Nile Perch Fish Leather, coconut burk, bamboo, aluminium ( recyclable metal in multiple ways)cork, stingray.
This Fish is commonly caught for food.
Enjoy with my creation Made with 💚💚💚

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Polar Society


At Polar Society, we have a passion to create something with meaning. Our clothing line can be described as ‘fashion with a cause’. We are all immigrants and first generation Americans with a can-do mentality. Together, we hope to make a great difference while creating fashion with a purpose. We created an environmentally – conscious clothing brand that is not only fashion forward, but also allows us to improve the environment – with your help. We design and sell outfits made only with recyclable materials (like cotton) while donating 10% of our proceeds to organizations that support polar bear conservation and habitat preservation. We’ve learned some of the harsh truths about climate change and the way the ecosystem suffers at the hands of humans. Together, we would like to play a role in eradicating some of this suffering by helping to preserve the natural habitat of polar bears. We learned that the polar bears in the Arctic are slowly becoming extinct due to rising global temperatures. Glaciers and icebergs are melting at an exponential rate, leaving us with increasing sea levels, and very limited movement for the polar bears that inhabit the area. In fact, the lack of solid ground has made it virtually impossible for the polar bears to survive! With this shocking realization, we decided to put all of our energy into helping these vulnerable animals by donating a part of our profit to organizations that support polar  bear conservation and habitat preservation.

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57 Delta


The adventurer's clothing brand. ⛺️🏔🎡
Every purchase gives back 🌲🌎🌲
#getoutandexplore  🌅🌌🗻Our goal as a company is to provide quality clothing while contributing to charitable causes. 57 Delta Clothing is four friends: Reid Barnes, Josh Berry-Sauseda, Preston Milton, and Ben Moner.  We love nature, and the outdoors.  Moreover, 57 Delta Clothing is a preppy, yet outdoorsy clothing brand.  We love the mountains, the tropics, and the beach.  That’s why these places are depicted in many of our designs. 

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Cypress & Fox


My name's Tamarin, I run a one-woman-business with a mission to inspire sustainable change worldwide.

I'm passionate about sourcing sustainable alternatives, shopping second-hand, supporting ethical small businesses and my dogs.

I believe that every individual can have an impact and each purchase is a chance to vote for the future you want to see ~ shop consciously. I help lonely threads find their home.

Our unique second-hand products are perfect for conscious individuals who wanna look cute, spend less and help save our planet.

I am passionate about saving clothes from becoming landfill. That's why all our products are sold on consignment for friends of Cypress & Fox who want to share the love.

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Based in Los Angeles, LDLA brings women elevated swim silhouettes that satisfy their inner goddess. ~ numberless sizing, body positive + eco-friendly.  Each item is made with intentions and is suitable for all body types. We've hand selected our manufacturer due to their employee rights values and ethical environment conservation efforts. Our partnership with our manufacturer allows you to join us in conserving one of the Earth's most stunning ecosystems. In an effort to give back, our manufacturer protects 100 square meters of virgin rainforest in Kalimantan Indonesia for every 100 pieces of swimwear they provide to us. 

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WORON. is #vegan #crueltyfree & #sustainable. Award winning underwear made to empower women to feel sexy in their natural shape. Made by 👯 for women 💕Clean and with style both in look and in our conscience is what we strive for. We’ve heard the sentence ‘Less is More’ said a thousand times, but it really is true.

Our inspiration comes from our 3 keywords: Sustainable Fashion Essentials. This is the essence that we kept coming back to when we were still in the planning stages and brainstorming our ideas for our brand. We have a very minimalistic Scandinavian approach and what we find fascinating, is that something so simple and clean can be so attractive. We embrace Slow Fashion as the core of our designing process. This is also the message that we want to get across, that less definitely can be more.

Our goal is to find that perfect balance between producing a good quality product which is fashionable and staying true to our moral compass. 

There is never any need to compromise, especially when we keep the process clean, transparent and simple. By limiting our collection to it’s essence, we are able to put the right amount of focus and thought in to each part of the production and all the way to the customer’s wardrobe.

The whole cycle from production, transport, packaging and all the way to the fabric touching your skin should cause as little stress as possible. 

Our mission is to create essentials that are beautiful yet comfortable and will have longevity, so that you won't have to throw out your favourite garment every few months to stay chic. 

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Welcome to Aequem - the sustainable e-commerce destination!

Our MISSION is to make sustainable shopping EFFORTLESS!.. 

We believe that our planet doesn’t need to suffer for us to look great. We’re passionate about sustainability and wanted to give all of you beautiful conscious people a place where you can shop the best sustainable products from across the globe. We select all our products very carefully, looking at both design and sustainability (with strict criteria) so you can shop with complete peace of mind, look great and feel great!

People have different definitions for sustainability but we consider sustainable the following four categories:

  • ORGANIC - any product made from organic fibers, such as organic cotton, silk, linen, etc
  • UPCYCLED - any product made from already used and discarded materials or dead stock
  • RECYCLED - any products made from recycled materials, whether it's recycled plastic turned into fabric or recycled textile fibers or other materials
  • TECH - any product from materials that are often new solutions and are widely considered sustainable such as Tencel

'Aequem' was inspired by the latin word 'aequo' which means EQUIPOISE, EQUILIBRIUM, BALANCE. We are here to restore some of the balance to our environment.

If you are going to shop, why not shop sustainable?

Let's love ourselves, the others and our planet x

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Our Story & Purpose

Louv Is A Purpose Driven Label!

Our goal is to generate the most amazing positive ripple effect!

Authentically, naturally and lovingly.

We produce beautiful pieces for the ones looking to bring more consciousness to their lifestyle. Without any compromise.

We are offering you timeless creations that are good for you, your tribe, our Planet and the makers!

Our range for women and children are made using either organic cotton, eco-friendly or natural fabrics and dyed by hand using botanical dyes. A slow, meaningful and worthwhile process.

Working with plant dyes not only means we are creating natural products but also preserving some precious ancestral knowledge.

I have over a decade long experience working with our team of plant dye artisans in Indonesia so you can trust in our integrity and savoir faire.

We strive to work with small teams of makers who benefit from our collaborations and receive great work conditions and wages.

Our long term vision is to help establish hundreds of small businesses/co-ops by developing new products and new collaborations.

Louv has been in the making for over a decade. It took me years of trial and error, different labels and a whole lot of knowledge to finally arrive at the vision I  always had... LOUV.

I moved to Bali many years ago to start a fair trade label.

I immersed myself in Balinese and Indonesian cultures. 

This is not about a trend, it is about making real changes.

Thank you for being part of this movement that's asking for more quality, more humanity and more long term thinking.

As a consumer you have a great power! 

For all the women and their tribe looking for ways to live a more natural & sustainable lifestyle

With so much gratitude and warmth

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The Mustard Seed Marketplace


At The Mustard Seed Marketplace, we believe your purchases make a powerful impact! Whether it's feeding the hungry, providing jobs for overcomers of sex-trafficking, or supporting small businesses - we want you to be able to shop the causes that you care for most! Enjoy shopping our handmade creations from near and far as we create a marketplace for artisans locally + globally! 

Fair Trade + Locally Made + Give Back Brands My dream for creating TMSM was to give my community an opportunity to shop the causes they love, and brands with a greater purpose! We partner with over 30 brands - who are all giving back or having a positive impact! I have seen firsthand the impact that our purchases make on lives around the globe - and I'm so excited for you to be a part of this story! 

In addition to partnering with brands that are making a difference - we want to expand our impact! We believe in the power of community and gathering together! 

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_OhSevenDays offers charismatic yet understated weekday staples made from reclaimed materials. Monday to Sunday dressing made from ethical beginnings and sustainable endings. 

_'Oh' Sustainability: At OhSevenDays we promote the idea of 'slow fashion' and want to contribute to the concept of 'The Power of Circularity'. We produce our garments with sustainability in mind and therefore source materials from 'runoff' fabric rolls. 

_'Oh' Seven Pieces: The thriving trend of low quality, fast fashion is becoming evermore disturbing. Fashion labels are turning out new stock on an hourly basis to feed our ever-growing consumerist culture. In the effort to contradict these damaging mainstream practices, we create high quality, compact collections, consisting of just 7 pieces per season. It's our belief that less is indeed more! Not only will reducing choice help social and environmental change within the textile industry, but it might also be critical to your health and wellbeing.

_'Oh' Transparency: Not only are we cutting down and slowing down, but we also believe in brand transparency. It is our aim to ensure our customers know where their garment originates and why it's priced the way it is. Because we use reclaimed textiles, we are able to keep our costs lower than competitor designer labels. Also, we want to give our customers a behind the scenes view of the brand's journey, all the way from stitch to store. 

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Wayuu Market


Wayuu Mochila Bags are for every day, every outfit, and every personality! These handmade pieces of art will surely be the most unique bags you’ll come across in the world. The indigenous people that make them treat each piece as a canvas bringing out their passion and heart into each piece they create. Their skill and creativity will certainly impress men and women of all ages across many different cultures. Our goal is to share the beauty of the bags with the world as we bring awareness of the Wayuu people of Colombia. This will surely help to preserve their culture for many generations to come! In a short period of time, we have gone from an idea to actually putting something really fun and exciting together as we have been actively traveling and interacting with the Wayuu culture. It truly has been quite an exciting adventure our team has been on thus far. We have already employed people from different regions of Colombia and the United States. Striving for rapid growth while also creating an amazing company is something we work hard for each day. Bringing you the highest quality Wayuu Mochila Bags is something I know we can promise! We know with your support that our company will grow rapidly for many years to come. When you buy a bag you know you are helping many people along the way across multiple countries. A humanitarian way of producing a quality product for our customers is something our team has created. As of today, we are shipping worldwide and are reaching customers internationally. Be different, be unique, be Wayuu!

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A small, locally-inspired conscious apparel company based in Vancouver, BC.

Our apparel is designed with the West Coast lifestyle in mind. We love weekend adventures to cozy cabins, exploring the local mountains, bike crawls, craft brew, seawall strolls, street art and hunting for the best cup of joe in the city. 

We care about this place we call home and want to leave it in better shape than we found it for future generations to come. That's why we make the most conscious choices when it comes to fabrics, inks, thread, packaging and shipping.


Making the conscious choice shouldn't be so hard. We love comfortable basics, rad prints, minimalistic design, natural fabrics and non-toxic everything. Simple as that.


We're always keeping it local. Whether it's beer, art or food. Supporting and collaborating with other local businesses and entrepreneurs is our jam. 


Conscious: We're making sustainability cool by designing apparel that means you don’t have to sacrifice style to make the most sustainable choice. Our aim is to create apparel with the most minimal impact on the planet while taking responsibility for it at the end of its life through our take-back program, AFRESH.

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Tigani Lux


This Collection was inspired by nature, works closely with nature and is very much about embracing life in your own space... Being the Island.. xx   It is a celebration for our brand as we move further into thoughtfully produced clothing by the way we incorporate sustainable methods using nature to produce them.

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Simple Shoes


Simple Shoes is a Vintage American footwear and apparel brand that focuses on classic, skate and outdoor-inspired styles for consumers who align with its commitment to social and environmental responsibility. The Future is Simple. Simple was created in 1991 by Eric Meyer. It blended '60s and '70s cultural influences with its California-roots and stirred the minds of a generation. The brand was inspired by surfing, skateboarding, modern architecture, old bicycles, classic VWs, vintage scooters, and eastern philosophy. The character of the brand didn't come from thin air. It was a distillation, an appropriation, a curated blend of simple ideas. Simple drew from the resources that surround us.

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Reborn Rewild


At Reborn Rewild, we aim to produce the paramount of quality whilst staying loyal to the environment and our beloved Planet Earth. In a time where the fashion industry is saturated with harmful chemicals, dyes and animal cruelty - we are a breath of fresh air as we use natural, vegan, recycled and eco friendly materials such as Hemp, organic cotton and reclaimed wood. 

We believe in a more organic approach to life, promoting fairtrade & zero waste living.

All of our products are handmade from humble beginnings, with every sale supporting local hand-crafters in a small village set deep in the Himalayas. We are both blessed and proud to work closely with our small family run team in Nepal whom have the same passion and ethos as us. Plus through our trade they profit share within their community by funding local projects and aiding those less fortunate.

The answer to sustainability grows on trees - Choose Hemp, the future is green.

Why Hemp?

- It grows naturally

- All of the plant is used so there is zero waste

- It doesn't shed micro plastic into our water supply

- Hemp fibres become softer the more they are used and washed

- It's durability ensures strong, long lasting clothing and accessories

- It is grown and farmed without pesticides and chemicals

- It is a renewable source

Stay Wild, Reborn Rewild


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Beyond the backpack


Beyond the Backpack is a way of living nonprofit. Born of the desire to help provide for animal conservation by raising money and awareness. To inspire us all to make a difference. To inspire us all to travel and see the wonderful reasons why we should make a difference.

Currently 100% of the profits from every sale is donated to animal conservation and the fight to save endangered wildlife.

The apparel is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and ocean plastic. Cleaning the ocean, saving sealife and using less energy and water to do it. Every product we create is eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically made.

Beyond the Backpack has partnered with an animal conservation charity to where the profits are donated. Transparent giving.

Beyond the Backpack. It's way of living. It's the hope to inspire others to live well and do as much good as we can.

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Ita-Ito is a luxurious textile brand drawn in Switzerland and made in Peru.

We use our knowledge and experience to create exclusive and elegant garments of an irreproachable quality and a unique and timeless style. 

Each garment is designed and made by hand, contributing to the respect to mankind, animals and nature.

We have them made at our workshops by our artisans who contribute with special care to make each garment unique and precious.

We work exclusively with baby alpaca fiber, which is known as one of the finest fibers in the world, very soft, silky, and hypoallergenic, with a great thermal capacity. 

We work to establish a long-term development program based on two main pillars:

The first one is to be able to provide these artisans with the necessary skills that will allow them to better exploit their knowledge and be able to value them.

The second pillar is to sensitize our weavers in gender equality, inform them about their rights and the laws that protect them.

The goal of this program is to value the work of these women artisans and to be able to help them become autonomous.

Helping a woman, we help a family … a whole community …!

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It’s call Fair Fashion. Period. “It’s about fashion, the environment and people.”

Fashion can be different. It can be smart. It can be globally conscious. And, It can be your style.

These are the ethos that inspired Delphine Gennisson to create Upparel, a U.S. clothing brand that aims to change the way we think about fashion. The French-born fashionista and Colorado-based wardrobe designer built Upparel to be the antithesis of the rising fast fashion industry requiring chemicals and water to make clothing OR NOT... with so much fabrics unwanted... Delphine Explains: “Most of the fabrics that we use for our garments and collections eliminate waste through upcycling process. Those fabrics have first, been made for retailers but for some reasons have been left behind. Because they ordered too much, because it won’t be “on trend” for the next season or because the shade of pink wasn’t what they were hoping for… those fabrics become purely waste unless they are repurposed by companies like Upparel.  Shocked by the pollution, chemicals, waste and human rights abuses of the $2.5 trillion apparel industry, we want to build a new kind of principles when it comes to baby, children, and women clothing, and to make better-quality, longer-lasting clothing and accessories.”Her company, Upparel, is also on the mission to be ZERO WASTE using every single scrap of fabric to make purses, hair accessories or note books. In addition, the company ensures working conditions are healthier for its employees in India and that they’re paid a fair, living wage, in addition to providing healthcare, childcare and other benefits. 

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Waves Flip Flops


It took us awhile but we finally created the perfect pair of flip flops. They are sustainable, durable, and friendly to the environment. Waves is inspired by the ocean so it was important for us to ensure that we do not leave a negative impact on the environment.

Waves flip flops are made from premium grade natural rubber, tapped directly from rubber trees in Sri Lanka. We work with master artisans and expert rubber tappers to create each pair of flip flops. We ensure all of our flip flops are ethically produced, providing fair wages and opportunities for all of our employees that help create every pair.

How often do you think about what your flip flops are made of? Instead of using plastic or other toxic materials that degrade over time, we decided to make our flip flops out of eco-friendly natural rubber. It’s mixed with a latex compound that makes it incredibly elastic and super spongy. It’s also extremely light-weight with a silky-smooth texture. Because of its elasticity, our natural rubber flip flops actually mold to each foot. A perfect combination of comfort and firmness, these natural rubber flip flops conform to the unique curves of your feet so you get targeted support right where you need it.

We urge you to put our flip flops to the test. Run on sand, in the ocean and through the forest. Waves flip flops are designed to last through every adventure for many years of exploration.

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