Ethical Gifts

International Blessings


We partner with artisan groups around the world by selling their beautiful, handmade products.

When you purchase a product from International Blessings YOU are Empowering families to break the cycle of poverty. EMPOWERING families to have hope, dignity, and sustainability.

Hope for a better life. Dignity in NOT needing handouts. Sustainability for future generations.

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Mermaid Trash - FL


My name is Lauren MacLeod and I was born and raised in Broward county, FL. I've spent my whole life on the beach, and have profound love of the sea. I have grown to witness the changes caused by pollution and want to transition the way we view and handle Ocean waste. 

I create unique art and jewelry from recycled plastics I collect on cleanups as well as reclaimed items. It is my hope to change the way people think about plastic pollution by using the proceeds to fund more initiatives and Ocean cleanups. Each purchase is a way to look good and do good! We only have this one planet to live on, so preserving its beauty and function for next generations is the ultimate goal.

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Noonday Collection


Jessica Honegger launched Noonday Collection in 2010 after she connected with Jalia and Daniel, talented jewelry designers in Uganda who dreamed of using fashion to create dignified jobs in their community. Noonday Collection is a business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world. When you purchase Noonday accessories, you create a marketplace for artisan businesses, enabling them to provide dignified jobs in vulnerable communities. We develop artisan businesses through fair trade, collaborative design, responsible financing, capacity building and long-term partnership. Together we’re building a flourishing world— come join us! We are a socially responsible business that uses fashion to create meaningful opportunities around the world.

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Give Back Goods


Give Back Goods mission is to create a positive impact on the world with every purchase! Give Back Goods wants to make it easy for people to purchase goods that give back to important causes, are eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically sourced and support the people that make them with fair wages and healthy work environments. We try to keep our eco-footprint small at Give Back Goods by having our products shipped to you directly from our suppliers. This helps to save paper/ trees from being used for extra packaging and also saves fuel and emissions into our air. 

Give Back Goods prints just two items and they are printed on eco-friendly paper using 100% vegetable based inks in a 100% wind powered US printing plant. Our printer plants 1-4 trees for every print order they receive. Currently, they have planted 340,000 trees through Trees for the Future which empowers communities to build sustainable income, food and local economies. Farmers throughout South America, Asia, and Africa work with TFTF to learn agroforestry. Indigenous plants and fruit trees enable farmers to create a business while helping the environment. 

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Sackcloth & Ashes


Founder of Sackcloth & Ashes, Bob Dalton, was inspired to help the homeless population when his mother, a hardworking single mother, found herself living on the streets in 2013. Because of his mother's story, Bob realized that not all people choose to become homeless, but some people just need a second chance. He was inspired to call his local homeless shelters to ask what they needed most - they all said blankets. That's when he founded Sackcloth & Ashes. For every blanket you purchase, we give a blanket to your local homeless shelter.
June 1st, 2018 Sackcloth & Ashes launched its first campaign called Blanket the United States. Our goal is to donate ONE MILLION blankets to homeless shelters by 2024. Blanket Shown: Designed for home and travel this blanket combines comfort with functionality.  Made in Italy from a 100% Italian, recycled, wool blend that is certifiably eco-friendly, cruelty-free and good for our planet because we believe that the sustainability of our blankets is as important as the second blanket we give to those in need.

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Hello Small Shop


Featuring handmade shops worldwide!🌎 With over 55,000 followers on Instagram, we created the Hello Small Shop instagram community to help small shops grow their social media presence online! 

We have now expanded our services to help small shops in a variety of other ways. Learn more about how we can work together to help you and your business thrive! 

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Ethical Gifts


If you are looking for a fair-trade gift,  or an eco-friendly gift
here you will find a fantastic variety of gorgeous and ethical gift ideas.
All of our products are handmade and carefully chosen to ensure they
have a positive impact on the people who make them and do no harm
to the planet. There are a growing number of thoughtful consumers who are looking for unique, eco friendly gifts, gifts that last and gifts that do no harm to planet and people, green gifts are not only delightful they are fair-trade so the people who make them benefit from the sale of the products.

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Aerende (a-ren-day) An Old English word meaning care or message

Aerende is a lovingly sourced collection of handmade items for your home. All of our products are created in the UK by people facing social challenges. Produced in low-volume batches and designed to improve with age, each purchase from our range of ethical homewares directly supports and provides opportunities for our talented makers.

Our range will enhance your home, yes, but it also treads lightly on the world beyond your door. Hence our strapline of life-improving homewares. By uniting heritage skills with environmentally sustainable materials and ethical business practices, each limited-edition item exemplifies our commitment to beauty, utility and integrity. Welcome to our world.

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Edge and Company


Edge and Company is a wellbeing and lifestyle shop selling ethical and innovative products for your home.

Our products are handmade in the UK and worldwide, by people living with disabilities, mental health conditions, homelessness and addiction, who find it very challenging to access and maintain employment.

At Edge and Company we have an ethical buying policy, which means you can filter our product range by our five categories – Organic, Upcycled, Eco-friendly, Educational and Made in the UK.

We are all about upcycling and mixing the old with the new. Along with our handcrafted product range we have scoured the flea markets of Europe and hunted through local antique fairs to bring you a collection of rare and beautiful one off pieces for your home.

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Give Back Goods


Why Give Back Goods? 

Today, consumers wield immense power for change. Your purchasing decisions can make changes that impact our current issues of environmental sustainability, animal welfare, freedom from slavery, socio-economic disparity and more.

Give Back Goods gives purchasers the opportunity to use this power.  Every purchase made gives back to help our planet in some way.  Give Back Goods offers both cause-related products that give back to specific causes, eco-friendly, sustainable products that help our planet, and products made by artisans receiving a fair wage and given socio-economic opportunity to rise above poverty and support their families.Our Mission:

Give Back Goods mission is to create a positive impact on the world with every purchase! Give Back Goods wants to make it easy for people to purchase goods that give back to important causes, are eco-friendly, sustainable, ethically sourced and support the people that make them with fair wages and healthy work environments. Each Product Has an Important Story:

The story of how each Give Back Goods product gives back is just as important as the product itself. We let you know how each product is made, what it is made of and who and what your purchase is supporting as well as its impact on the world. 

We are sincerely honored to sell the products we carry at Give Back Goods. We are humbled by the amazing people that had the foresight and will to create these products to help our world in some way. We feel this is truly the way to make our world a better place and empower everyone to be a conscious consumer and give back at the same time.Double Giving - How WE Give Back Too!

Not only does your purchase help a great cause, but Give Back Goods will also donate 10% of our net sales back each year to the causes attached to the products that we represent in our store. 

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Little saps


Sustainable gifts to make the world a greener place - one Little Sap at a time. At Little Saps, we believe in big dreams too. We plant seeds, tiny seeds, and watch them grow into huge evergreens. We know that small things have giant potential. That’s why we started Little Saps.

Our tiny evergreens are available for holiday gifts, wedding favors, baby showers, memorials, corporate gifts, and more. We believe that our Little Saps will inspire people to dream big. We also believe that planting a tree makes the world a more beautiful, greener place. Do you have big dreams? Do you want to inspire others to dream big? Do you want to make the world a little greener? Together, we will plant a dream and watch it grow, one Little Sap at a time.

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The Mustard Seed Marketplace


We are a community of advocates who aim to empower and shop well. We partner with over 30 artisan groups and brands in 18 countries - bringing you handmade, and on-trend pieces that give back and have a greater purpose!

Fair Trade + Locally Made + Give Back Brands

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creative finds


Located in sunny Sydney, Australia, I am thrilled to be able to combine shopaholic tendencies, with my obsession for beautifully designed, hand-crafted items, to provide a fun and fresh online shopping experience for gift shoppers the world over.

I’ve always been an early adopter, and perhaps it’s the Gemini in me, but I am bored quickly. As such, my mission is to bring customers a continually updated, fresh offering of creative finds; items you are not seeing everywhere else.

By spending an inordinate amount of time (ie: no TV for me) perusing the internet, scouring design and craft markets, talking with creative entrepreneurs, and devouring magazines, I aim to share the joy of discovery with customers and followers.

Offering hand-crafted products in limited quantities via the creative finds online gift shop, I hope to ensure the pressie you are giving is both beautiful & truly unique.

Then, regularly, I will curate a new range of creative items for you to devour.

Completely sales adverse, I don’t mind spruiking others’ talents and wares, and you can find me doing just this all over my socials. You see, the story behind the product, the passion driving the maker, is just as important to me as the item.

And by all means, if you or someone you know hand creates something stunning, please make contact. By working together, we can continue to make small, authentic businesses, and creative, unique products, the new black!

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