Ethical Event Clothing

fable dresses - Mount Vernon, WA


This little shop of mine blossomed out of my love for taking things old, used, and unwanted and creating something new and beautiful. It is extremely important to me to be eco-friendly and when you purchase an item from me you are getting a quality, handmade garment that had almost no impact on the Earth. I often even use vintage thread, make some of my dyes out of plants and roots, and re-use snaps, buttons, and zippers when possible.  

My dresses are not meant to be common. They are for people that are not afraid to be a bit different and stand out. They are the alternative to the mainstream foreign factory made dresses. Each piece I make is an original. 

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Sunny rose bridal


I'm Heather and I have a passion for Heirloom gowns! I have worked in the bridal alterations business for years and was so bothered by the waste created by standard gowns. I started Sunny Rose to combine my love of vintage heirloom gowns and my desire to cut down on waste in the bridal industry. I recycle and reclaim vintage gowns and create a new and beautifully modern gown for a future bride! I can't stand seeing a gown with so much potential waste away at thrift stores or turn into a bloody Halloween costume.
I love redesigning gowns for clients as well, and have worked on gowns almost a hundred years old!

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Pure magnolia


Ethically made wedding gowns are beautiful inside and out.

Each one of Pure Magnolia's team members is passionate about what we do; not just about making pretty wedding dresses, it is easy to be passionate about that. We are passionate about creating a fashion industry that is good for our society, rather than one that profits from harming people and the earth. We stand for Ethical values in the fashion industry, fabric production, labor wages and conditions and responsible utilization of raw materials. We think that every fashion company, big or small, had a responsibility to society to make ethical choices that don’t just reflect the bottom line.

Patty created this company after seeing how much waste and how unethical the fashion, and specifically, wedding industry is. Patty wanted to make a difference, to make wedding gowns that brides were happy and proud to wear because they knew the people who made the dress, they knew the fabrics came from factories that were making ethical choices, they knew the bottom line was not the goal.

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Loulette bride - NY


Loulette Bride provides the modern, non-traditional bride with a thoughtfully & beautifully designed dress, made with intergrity and responsibly in NYC. Loulette Bride was founded on principles of integrity in our design and responsibility in our design and manufacturing process. 

Having integrity means we only create original designs, and are incredibly proud of the product we create.  We value quality over quantity, and make sure every gown we create is as perfect as it should be, on our bride's most special day.

We know that the garment industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. So, we take responsibility in our manufacturing process very seriously. We use natural and organic fabrics as much as possible, and recycle every single fabric scrap to FabScrap. We produce locally by making our garments in our Brooklyn studio and in the New York City Garment District, eliminating transport of goods. By making our gowns to order, we avoid overproduction, one of the biggest issues of the garment industry. 

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couchman bespoke - London


Couchman Bespoke is a British made menswear tailoring brand. Dedicated to reduce the environmental impact and waste from the production of clothing made. Couchman Bespoke is dedicated to reduce the water usage and pollution produced through the manufacture of garments made under its name.  The brand is continually evolving its best practices to become better environmentally and socially within the clothing industry, manufacturing and lifestyle outlook.  Through our practices we are helping the industry become less polluting and in turn help the world environment to grow healthy.  Our garments are of the highest quality and craftsmanship for a product that will last a life time with effortless style.  All garment manufacture is actualised within London, Britain by individual tailors.  This enables a quicker turn round on garments and allows easier access to oversee the work being carried out, to ensure good working conditions.By sourcing alternatives to cotton that use less water from seed cultivation to cloth production, this help reduce the environmental footprint of garments made by Couchman Bespoke.  Alternatives include natural, regenerated, pre and post-consumer cloth and fibres.

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raiment of white - Canada


I am inspired by the beauty that surrounds, by a time long since forgotten, yet still lingering in the recesses of the mind... by the intrinsic poetry that exists in our very souls. Having been creating wedding dresses and working with brides for over a decade all over the world, I am also inspired by... True Love. I wanted Raiment of White dresses to be pure from the fibre to the finishing, so I set out to find the purest, handcrafted linen and textiles available. Raiment of White dresses are made of the finest organic fabric, handcrafted by a small scale manufacturer who is dedicated to ethical practices. They grow and manufacture their %100 organic, chemical and sweatshop free materials. Needless to say they are committed to sustainable living and practices that enrich the environment and its creatures. This is just chapter 1 of Raiment of White. Our first collection                                 includes three timeless wedding gowns that can be cherished long after your vows. Each gown features delicate embroidered details all done using a free-hand embroidery technique. All of the dresses are made by me in my Northern Canadian studio, and I work together with my true love, my little dog Norman, and canary Sebastian who graces us with his masterful songs.

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Cambridge Vintage Bridal - UK


Affordable, eco-friendly and ready to wear...Cambridge Vintage Bridal curates and sells original, vintage wedding dresses.

Our collection is completely unique and in a ready to wear condition, having had minor repair work done and any overt damage, markings and stains carefully removed. Our philosophy is that everyone deserves to experience a dress of unique beauty and our mission is to ensure that we bring you the very best in class when it comes to original vintage wedding dresses. With a proven understanding of creating moments that matter and telling stories, Siobhan believes that a one of a kind wedding dress is a treasured find and a pivotal chapter of YOUR story - and she wants to help you find it.

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Happily Ever Borrowed


Happily Ever Borrowed is the premiere online e-boutique that rents designer bridal accessories for a fraction of the retail price! Partnering with designers such as Sara Gabriel & Haute Bride, we've curated a special collection of veils, tiaras, headpieces and jewelry to “frost yourself” on your special day.  
Any minor damages are covered (please, no red velvet cake fights) and after you’re done, just ship it back to us and we’ll clean and preserve it for the next savvy bride! We know that after your wedding there is really no use for your tiara (unless you’re Kate Middleton), and that most of us don’t have the space to store yards of tulle and crystal baubles.   We’re modern women who love fashion and aspire to wear gorgeous things on our special day.  

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Sanyukta Shrestha


Sanyukta Shrestha is a pioneer in eco-friendly and sustainable high-end fashion. Specialising in bridal and evening wear, Sanyukta aims to carry beauty from beginning to end of her design process. Sourcing eco-friendly materials sustainably, providing Fairtrade work for marginalised communities in her home country of Nepal, and hand finishing the finest details tailored to each bride.  "I believe in individuality and I enjoy bringing out inner beauty, a reflection of the personality of the woman who wears my design. For me feeling good is equally important as looking good." With a vintage-inspired timeless aesthetic, Sanyukta Shrestha constantly pushes the norm through her use of daring silhouettes, cuts and colours, along with impeccable craftsmanship and tailoring that continues to inspire and most essentially empower. 

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Laura Hyvi Bridal


Passion for sustainable fashion

Laura Hyvi Bridal was born when the designer and founder of the company Laura Hyvi was designing her own wedding gown and searching for sustainable material alternatives. After discovering the world of vintage lace she immediately fell in love and it was clear to her that she wanted to create similar dresses to other conscious brides. The company is determined to offer sustainable wedding gown options and serve brides who want to make ethical and ecological choices without compromising style. 

The Designer

Laura Hyvi is a wedding dress designer whose never ending source of inspiration is vintage lace. “Every piece of vintage lace has it’s own story and the patterns and textures are one of a kind. Using vintage lace as our material we are able to create dresses that are work of art and reflect the brides personal style.”

Laura’s principle is creating fashion that is ecological and ethical. She mixes bohemian vintage lace to modern and elegant silhouettes.

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Mia Sylvia 🌿


🌿 Stylist, Colourist & Eco Textiles Artist
🌷 Ethical Bridalwear 


Let’s begin to make a positive impact on the planet whilst shopping.

Where do your textiles come from?
Who is making them?

These are the questions that MiaSylvia asks herself daily.

MiaSylvia’s textiles & Bridal wear are fair trade, ethically made with organic and up-cycled fabrics.

Quality over quantity.
The natural dyes are created in the studio using a variety of fruit, vegetables, plants, and flowers.

The ethos behind MiaSylvia is a zero waste policy.

Every item from MiaSylvia bespoke and made from organic fabrics of high quality, and the colours created are all natural. 

photographer: @camillaandreaphotography

model: @lilliesmithlake

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Indiebride London


Indiebride London takes pride in being a sustainable bridal wear brand. It is important for us to not just create beautiful bohemian wedding dresses but also to take our nature’s wellbeing in consideration. The most important dress of your life can be made respecting the environment and people on it. At Indiebride London, you will know who made your wedding dress and where the materials came from. All our dresses are made to order. This means we don’t hold any dresses in stock. When an order is placed, we will make the dress from scratch. This means we only make a dress when someone wants to wear it on their wedding day. This ensures that every dress we make has a personal connection. At Indiebride London, you work closely with the person that makes your dress. Instead of producing the dresses in a factory somewhere else, we make all our dresses ourselves from the first cut to the last finishings. Each dress and accessory is hand crafted and hand embellished in our London studio using the highest quality laces and silks. When we receive an order, we then order the right materials for that specific dress only. When we receive the materials, we cut the dress and then sew it together. We also make the alterations ourselves if any is needed. We value the handmade nature and quality of our products. Our dresses and accessories have a story behind them.

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Luna bride


Luna helps make fairytales come alive in beautiful ethical handmade wedding dresses for the modern bride. Using luxurious natural and organic materials and stylish design, the Luna look combines elegance with comfort, opulence with simplicity, and tradition with fashion. Gorgeous fabrics are personally selected from world-loving sources that ensures a conscious-free mind and an awe-inspiring body. With a romantic heart in classic sophistication and an expert eye on feminine fun, the Luna collection dances with magic and mystery as the Luna bride sparkles with individuality and independence. For the optimum feel and look on the ultimate day, choose from Luna bridal, Luna bridesmaid and let us make your dream dress come true. Each and everyone one of our gowns are handmade with love here in Britain. 

Ethical fabrics

We want every part of our dress to be made ethically, therefore we do a lot of research to find the best fabric producers. We use Organic GOTS Peace Silk which does not harm the moth that made it. We use organic cotton lace as well as recycled fabrics and end of line fabrics.  


We don't throw away any of our off cut fabrics. We either recycle them or use them to make lingerie.

Our business cards and flyers are recycled and we aim to work in a green way in our studio.

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Melo handmades


One of a kind, fibre art homewares and jewellery,
handmade sustainably with natural dyes for you and your home.

At the core of each and every MELO handmades' item is a passion for slow-creating and the desire to capture beauty. Often taking several days from start to finish, each piece of tapestry, jewellery and accessory is delicate and feminine, perfect for those who appreciate timeless elegance and fine quality. 

Originally from Singapore, MELO handmades is now based in Sydney, where every piece of tapestry, jewellery and accessory is lovingly handcrafted in my home studio. The fibre art technique of nuno-felting bonds high-quality merino wool fibres with fabrics, creating a base canvas for each item to be built upon. Splashes of colour are added with natural dye pigments, extracted from dye stuffs with hot water. Embellishments, ranging from beads and sequins to lace and hand-wound tassels, are hand-stitched one by one, before finishing each piece with the finest findings.

Stemming from the love of nature, MELO handmades also aims to respect Mother Earth in the best possible way. Natural materials are used as much as possible while careful planning and working in small batches minimise the waste created. Gift boxes are also made from recycled material while other packaging items such as ribbons and mailing pouches can be easily reused or recycled.

Along with the curated collection available online, MELO handmades also welcomes commissions and customisations, working closely with you every step of the way to create bespoke pieces for your special occasion. 

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Poshare (posh + share) is a fashion platform where women can rent or buy designer clothing and accessories at amazing prices. We specialize in dresses for rent: whether you are going to prom 2018, competing in a pageant or looking for a gorgeous evening gown, a designer cocktail dress or a short party dress for a special occasion, you will find your dress here. Why spend a ton of money on a dress that you may only wear once? 

Be it something chic for a date night out, an elegant designer gown for a formal event, or a beautiful bridesmaid dress for a friend's wedding - we have it all! Poshare is a one-of-a-kind portal that allows women to access breathtaking designer clothing, sourced from local boutiques and designers, all at up to 85% off retail price.

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