Eco Conscious Event Planners

Greater Good Events - NYC / PNW


Greater Good Events, is a boutique event planning company based in Jersey City with a focus on sustainability, ethical and eco-events. 

We design events for the Socially and eco-Conscious consumer. Greater Good Events is a women-owned, run and led event planning, design, and coordination company. We are a collective of dreamers and doers who believe in the power of 'we'. 

We take pride in working with eco-friendly vendors, to reduce our lasting impact on the environment, while making a strong impact in our communities. We do this by sourcing fair trade, ethical and locally grown and produced products, using reused and recycled items where possible, and setting up donation opportunities, from remaining food and florals to decor and clothing. 

We work hard to ensure we leave the world better after every event. 

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We are events - Sevilla, Spain


"We are events" is a young company that create weddings you can only imagine.

We are a full-service event consulting and management group and our goal is to put the "fun" back into planning a wedding or any kind of event.

We have a broad experience as a wedding planner, and we give our clients our undivided attention. We listen to your needs and work together to create the event of your dreams. Your wishes become our commands.

How we are eco friendly: Our passion are weddings and natural decorations.

We love the bohemian style, we think that natural places are the best way for make unforgettable events, we love recovering and repurposing old items and using them as a decoration.

We always design and make handcraft items respecting the environment, we are proud to be “green”.

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field & gown - Vienna, Va


field & gown is designed to provide eco-conscious brides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wedding decor.  

In today's social media crazed environment, it is understandable that brides want their weddings to be as photo-worthy as the next. Unfortunately the pressure and desire to create "your look" often overshadow considerations about responsible consumption. Cheaper vibe-creating elements purchased from big box stores are often irresponsibly produced and ultimately destined for the landfill. At field & gown we source our rentables from local antique stores and flea markets, repurposing items that have had other uses for decades, extending their lifecycle and diverting them from the landfill. As part of our environmental pledge, we seek to minimize plastics in our shipping, opting instead for paper-wrapped goods and paper tape. Your goods may come shipped in an eclectic mix of boxes, even some which we've recovered from other companies, as part of our attempt to reuse and recycle goods otherwise destined for the trash heap or recycle bin. 

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Green wedding designs - Cape Town


​My professional background is 13 years' working in the Corporate Sector.  I am a strong creative and I love working with people.  So the idea of Green Wedding Designs was born!

​When it became apparent that the drought in Cape Town, South Africa, would be more long-term, I decided to combine my passion for eco-conscious elements, with that of all things beautiful and pretty.  What better way to display my passions by helping others to achieve their dream Wedding, in an environmentally conscious way as an eco-planner!By combining my talents, and reaching out to my extensive network of suppliers, I will give you nothing less than extraordinary, whilst looking at ways to reduce your weddings carbon footprint. 

​I am passionate about incorporating water wise & indigenous plants into your floral arrangements and finding ways to reduce waste.

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Zero Waste Co


Zero Waste Co provides Resources Recovery and Recycling Services to minimize the environmental impact of any celebration, conference, festival, trade show, or special event. We consult with our client during the planning phase of the project to help minimize waste by customizing a comprehensive plan that will help you meet your sustainability goals. 

During the event, our Zero Waste Crew is onsite to facilitate the materials recovery process, ensuring as much material as possible is recycled, composted and donated. 

On average, we help our clients divert about 80% of their waste from the landfill.

Renting service ware from a traditional party rental company can be too expensive for small gatherings like an employee milestone or retirement or birthday celebration. Contact us to receive a quote to rent reusable plates, utensils, cups and champagne glasses. 

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Clear Water Weddings - VANCOUVER




The mountains, the forest, and the water - we have a soft spot for bringing elements of the West Coast into everything we do.


As a way of lessening our footprint, we are passionate about partnering with local, sustainable businesses.


Whether it's helping a small charity elevate their annual fundraiser or helping a couple source local vendors for their big day, we believe in giving back and supporting our local economy.


We want your guests leaving with memories to last a lifetime, and we want you to feel the same way about the planning.  We'll give you all  the tools you need to feel confident throughout the process.


Simplicity can be beautiful, especially if you select decor pieces that pack a punch.

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Open the door events - Spain


Open the Door is a young and creative wedding design company that brings weddings you can only imagine to life.  We are based in Andalucia, Spain; set within one of the world's most breathtaking and versatile landscapes, where we have carefully sourced the most intimate, chic venues to give our couples an incredible experience as well as an unforgettable wedding day.

We are as passionate about eco-friendly living as we are weddings, consequently our weddings are designed using the natural rustic beauty of our surrounding environment.  We style our weddings with upcycled, recyclable and sustainable materials sourced from independent, ethical and local suppliers. 

An eco-friendly wedding appeals to all couples from the bohemian bride and groom to those seeking a more glamorous wedding because it means the materials used at your wedding will be of high quality whilst being original, affordable and unharmful to the community as well as our planet.

Open the Door is bursting with fresh ideas, loves experimenting with the latest wedding looks, and collaborates with the best suppliers in the industry.

We truly believe in what we do and are by your side every step of the way to organise, style and coordinate one of the most special days of your life. 

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Kryshana Madrid wedding & events - New Mexico


My name is Kryshana, the girl who likes to dip her creative hands in just about everything! Seriously, talk to me about finding the perfect elopement location, creating a bad ass floral bouquet, or how we can WOW your guests with a modern dessert table. I have a niche for modern and sustainable celebrations that is authentic to my client's vision. We all know waste is a huge issue when it comes to weddings and parties. We have a choice to impact this earth as little as we can when we decide to throw these shindigs. 

Because of this, I choose to support ethical, independent, and local services/products that I can recommend to help make your celebration low impact and eco-friendly without sacrificing on aesthetic. 

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EK events - NC & VA


North Carolina Wedding and Event Planner. Planning custom weddings across NC and VA. Specializing in Geek Chic and Low-Waste.Sometimes, having a wedding can seem unnecessarily eccentric and wasteful. The average American wedding produces 400-600 pounds of trash- that’s about a billion tons of waste each year. This waste includes food, flowers, paper products. All this waste seems silly when you think about how much money is spent on these items!

If this seems crazy to you, know that it doesn’t need to be this way! You can have the wedding of your dreams, and be mindful of the waste you are creating. There are plenty of ways we can reduce the waste generated by your wedding. Whether you want to reduce the environmental impact of your big day, or just want to feel like your money isn’t being tossed in the trash, I would love to help you in planning your sustainable wedding!

Locally sourced botanicals from Cary florist Springwell Gardens.

  • Invitations- Go paperless! Or print on recycled or sustainably sourced paper.
  • Food- Work with your caterer to provide local or organic food. At the end of the night, have leftovers boxed up and table scraps composted.
  • Flowers- There are tons of options when it comes to your sustainable flowers! Go fake, to create something you can keep forever. Bonus points for creating bouquets out of recycled materials. If you want real flowers, try potted plants, or arrange to have your flowers do double duty and donate to a hospital at the end of the night.
  • Favors- Choose something consumable that won’t end up in the trash. Or opt out of “favors” entirely by making a donation on your guests behalf to your favorite charity.
  • Decor- Rent your decor or purchase second hand. You can do this with your attire as well!

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Direction Events - Cayman Islands | Worldwide


Boutique Wedding & Event Planning Studio Elegant • Unique • Sustainable
Creating Beauty & Connecting soulmates at the altar
Eco-Friendly and Sustainable. 

At Direction our focus is on being as eco conscious and low waste as possible. In our years of planning weddings and events we have seen the reality of how much excess and waste really comes from these occasions. At first we thought that this was something that was necessary and completely acceptable since it was only for one day. That in order to have a beautiful, memorable experience sometimes we needed to make sacrifices. But it is not true, it is complete possible to have an amazing, incredible, visually breathtaking wedding or event and still be conscious of the environment and your impact on it.

The words that we choose to focus on are Eco Friendly and Sustainable. Eco friendly means to make choices that do not harm the environment and Sustainable means to not compromise the ability of future generations to meet there needs. We work hard to make sure that every one of our clients can have exactly what they dream of and do this in the most eco friendly and sustainable way possible. We want to help save this planet and we want to make sure that this beautiful land we are so lucky to call home is still there for our future generations to come.

In order to do our part we work hard to reduce our impact, find new and creative ideas to be as low waste as possible, work with the local vendors in order to support our economy and our land and try to use as much local products as possible

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Alohilani Weddings - Hawaii


Alohilani Weddings is a boutique wedding studio, located in Kailua Kona on the Big Island (Hawaii Island) and in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. Alohilani Weddings delights in creating intimate and exquisitely designed destination wedding experiences.  At Alohilani Weddings we pride ourselves in designing beautiful, environmentally responsible, low-impact weddings that respect traditional Hawaiian values while at the same time protecting our fragile natural environment. We believe that weddings should be as uncomplicated as possible. We believe that by keeping a clear focus on our clients' wishes alone, we are able to deliver a more relaxed, memorable and personalized experience.

As residents of the Big Island of Hawaii (one of the most beautiful and precious locations on earth), every member of the Alohilani Weddings team feels a deep responsibility to preserving Hawaii's fragile natural beauty and it's resources. Unfortunately, we work in an industry which produces a massive amount of waste. With a great deal of thought and careful consideration, we feel we've found a way to create beautiful events for our clients while, at the same time, being respectful to our environment. To us, the perfect wedding is one where the objective is to decrease the negative impact the event may have on the planet. It turns out there are many ways to do this without sacrificing style or elegance. Each Alohilani wedding is a delicate balance between "eco” and “chic", which means they are every bit as gorgeous as conventional weddings, but without the waste. An added benefit is that creating a green wedding actually helps our clients save money. 

Outside of what a Alohilani Weddings event brings to you, please remember that whether you incorporate just one or two earth-friendly elements, or go completely organic every green choice makes a difference.

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Keen Events - Portland, Oregon


The average wedding produces 400- 600 lbs of garbage. Is that alarming to you? It was to me.

I coordinated a wedding where guests left their trash and plastic water bottles all over the place. I also coordinated a wedding where folks searched a park until they located the remnants of a single popped balloon.  I observed both situations, and how they made me feel. 

I'm not the best at recycling and I certainly don't know everything there is to know about being eco-friendly, but I needed to do something to be proactive. I did some research, got educated, and am proud to share Keen Events is Oregon's first Green Certified Wedding Planner. I've made it my mission to do my part to help the 78% of couples looking to include eco-friendly elements in their weddings. From using recycled paper for your invitations and programs, to incorporating local, organic, seasonal food into your menus, there are endless ways to be more earth conscious, even if it is just in one element of your wedding day.

Keen Event couples receive complimentary eco-friendly consultations and private consultations are available upon request.

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Asheville Wedding Collective


Take the stress out of saying “yes!” with our free wedding planner. Featuring local, loving and sustainable vendors. Asheville Wedding Collective provides a curated platform to unique parties in a collaborative & sustainable environment with a thoughtful voice, helping them feel inspired and supported.
Asheville Wedding Collective was born from a desire to preserve the essence of Asheville's community. A community proud of focusing on local solutions, thriving with creativity, and conscious of their impact. Founder Alexandra Herman saw the need to provide her own local solution for the many people who plan their weddings in this wonderful, mountain town. By bringing together many of the local vendors, artists, and venues, she found a way to be the resource people need, without having to rely on a company far away and out of touch with the Asheville essence.

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ae creative


ae creative is a full time planning, creative styling + design, unique renting and paper good designing collective! We’re based in the beautiful high desert in Bend, Oregon. We take a fresh approach when it comes to planning our events. We not only focus on the logistics of the event, but the overall design and experience. Our planners each have background in design, which we find to be a very important aspect to any occasion. No two events we’re a part of are ever the same. We strive for fresh ideas, a creative vision and always as sustainable and eco conscious as possible! 

Our style of service is relaxed. We bring a calming presence so you don’t have to worry or stress about any of the details. We believe that events should be fun, and with us on your team you can bet they are! We absolutely love what we do and that passion shines through at each event we’re a part of. 

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Pearl Weddings & Events - Connecticut, New York, Boston & Rhode Island.


We are a Wedding Planning & Design boutique manifested through Passion, Intention & a Love for Life. 

We access our wisdom & expertise to plan & design beautifully exquisite weddings & events that represent you. 

We provide a collaborative luxury wedding planning experience you will love & enjoy.

We believe your Wedding is an expression of your ever-evolving Love. It conveys your Passion, Intention and Love for Life. Your Dreams of the future will be shared with everyone at your Wedding because your Wedding is a representation of your Life Together. 

We are located in Connecticut. 

We cover Connecticut, New York, Boston & Rhode Island. Destination wedding planning is also available.

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