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Eco Conscious Jewelry

When shopping for jewelry for everyday or special events it's very important to consider how and where your jewelry was made. Whether you are looking for conflict free diamonds, fair trade gold, recycled jewelry, or jewelry created from natural materials we can help direct you to some companies that provide these products.  


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Ivy & Co. - Australia


It all started 30 years ago collecting and making my own jewellery and now its a family business with my 3 children. We named the business Ivy and Co after my mother Ivy, the 'and Co.' part refers to our family.

Ivy was a smart, beautiful, cheeky, lively soul who loved life, the earth and her family. Naming the business after her was a way of honouring her character and keeping her spirit alive and keeping the family connected through creating.

We love working together and creating beautiful things that don't destroy our planet, there isn't anything better than that!

We live and create while following these 3 rules: reduce, reuse, recycle.

The jewellery pieces we make are one-off pieces and we only create small batches to keep our impact on the planet to a minimum. The majority of the silver & gold used in our new pieces has been recycled giving old gold and silver a new life.

Antiques are one of our favourite forms of recycling and we have collected many over the last 30 years. We know you will find a treasure you love.

We are Ivy&Co. and we care about what we make.

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MusaMundi - Spain


Nurture your consciousness: artisan jewellery for activists, healers, yogis & creatives.
Fair and earth aware: recycled & vintage materials. Recycled Silver, Vintage Gold & Upcycled Gemstones. Born and raised in rainy Yorkshire, I left around 12 years ago and began life here and there. Sicily, Andalusia and the Middle East are all places I’ve called home. I’m really curious, in love with nature and I tend to choose quite an unconventional way of living and working. I never actually planned to make this a ‘brand’ but around the same period, I’d been watching documentaries about modern slavery and the precious metal and gemstone industry. This ignited some fire in my belly and pushed me to find a fair way to make jewellery. Fair trade is a great step forward but it's not sustainable because gemstones and precious metals are finite geological resources. For this reason I only use certified recycled silver and carefully sourced vintage gemstones. I believe it's better to use what we have already extracted and give the environment a much needed break. I cleanse and re-energise the gemstones before they make their way to their new home. Musa Mundi is about nurturing that inner goodness whilst raising awareness and inspiring positive change. Many of the pieces are little reminders to continue doing well on your path and to live brighter, more conscious days...Recycled Silver, Vintage Gold & Upcycled Gemstones. 5% of profit will be donated to Maiti Nepal until 1st December. This NGO works to save victims of human trafficking and their efforts are truly endless.

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Eco Wood Rings - UK


If you have found your way here, the chances are you’re doing things a little differently and we think that’s wonderful.
Bringing you handcrafted wood rings, lovingly made with the planet in mind.
Everyone has a story, every couple has a tale; moments that matter, places to treasure, awesome adventures, people to remember.
At Eco Wood Rings we delight in helping you capture your story in a ring for someone you love.  

So whether you’re looking for an affordable engagement ring, an ethical wedding ring or to mark an anniversary or other occasion, we’d be delighted to help you create something truly special. Each ring from our beautiful Collection is designed with nature in mind.
Whether you are seeking an affordable engagement ring, an ethical wedding ring or to mark and anniversary or other occasion, choosing a ring from our Collection may be just the thing if time is of the essence or the prospect of creating your own design leaves you feeling a little like you cant see the wood for the trees.
Created from recycled, salvaged or sustainably sourced materials they are the natural choice for the eco-conscious.

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Laraci Ethical Fine Jewelers


Laraci Ethical Fine Jewelers believes passionately that beyond design and quality, to embody the love and caring that an engagement ring symbolizes, each piece must also be ethically made. This means the gems and metals used in the production of such an important symbol must follow the same rules of caring, commitment, and responsibility that we place upon our own relationships. For this reason Laraci focuses on moissanite engagement rings made of recycled fine metals. Most are unaware of the horrifying conditions poverty stricken miners are placed under or the thousands of children set to work to find the precious materials needed to make our computers, cell phones, and of course the symbols of our love: wedding and engagement rings. Please choose to not support this ecosystem of human exploitation. Using recycled/reclaimed metals, Laraci moissanite engagement rings in no way supports mining of any kind.

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Just trade uk


Just Trade are a well established brand stocked in respected retailers around the world. We offer beautifully designed, ethically made jewellery and accessories.

We work in partnership with small Fair Trade projects in Ecuador, PeruIndia & Vietnam. We believe in transparency throughout the supply chain and love that our customers know who made their jewellery.

Our UK base is in The Bussey Building, Peckham, South London; 

where we communicate with our artisans on a daily basis. Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers.  It’s about supporting the development of thriving farming and worker communities that have more control over their futures and protecting the environment in which they live and work. 


Just Trade works in partnership with fair trade artisans across the world to create hand made contemporary fashion jewellery for the ethically minded.  We are completely committed to the 10 Principles of Fair Trade as set out by the World Fair Trade Organisation(WFTO

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Do Amore Rings


Every Do Amore ring brings a person in a developing country access to clean water. This way, you change another life forever on your special day. Ethical engagement rings and wedding rings handcrafted from recycled precious metals and conflict-free stones. Every ring provides a person in a developing country with access to clean water. 

Our Three Promises

  • 01.You Change Another Life Forever
    Every ring helps build a water project for a community in a developing country, and is directly responsible for giving one person from that community access to clean water. Learn More About Our Social Impact.
  • 02.You Get a High Quality Ring
    Each ring is carefully handcrafted in the United States, in the most ethical manner possible. Learn More About Our Ethics and our Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • 03.Top Notch Service
    A once-in-a-lifetime purchase deserves one-of-a-kind customer service. From your initial questions, to the moment the ring goes on your finger (and beyond) – we’re here for you.

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Glasswing Jewellery


Ethically made wedding rings, engagement rings, and everyday jewellery by Kate Pearse with genuine sea glass, ethical materials and recycled diamonds.   I am determined to keep the environmental and social impact of my business and my jewellery to a minimum, which is why almost everything I make is using recycled or Fairtrade precious metals, recycled diamonds and ethically sourced gemstones. The stones I use are from trusted suppliers able to show a transparent supply chain and who establish and support initiatives that make a positive difference to the lives of mine workers and their families and communities.

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Hand made Designer Jewellery, Fair Trade, Unique and unusual jewellery, made with Love and Soul.
Mirabelle founder Veronique Henry has travelled extensively throughout her life, gaining a unique perspective in creating and sourcing jewellery.

The daughter of a Parisian silversmith, Véronique's passion for South East Asia is translated in the intricacy and vibrant colour combinations of her designs,fusing ethnic and contemporary aesthetics.

With a strong belief in the power of jewellery to uplift the spirits, collections are imbued with symbolism and meaning, from crystal stones to ancient talismans.

Most of Mirabelle jewellery is produced by fair trade suppliers using sterling silver, 22k gold plated metals, brass, bronze,  semi precious stones,  from trusted sources.

Mirabelle also produces a British Made collection, Hand Made in Britain 

Bridging the gap between high street and high end, Véronique's designs are characterised by a love of texture, form and natural materials.

The Brand is sold in the Victoria and Albert Museum , museums , shops and Galleries ,and has been worn  by several high profile women including Kate Middleton, Ellie Goulding, Pixie Lott, Emeli Sande and Edith Bowman to name a few.

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Lydia McCarthy-Keen


In 2014 when Lydia and now-husband Eamon were excitedly thinking of getting engaged, they each had their own concerns. Eamon worried about making the right choice - what if he picked something she didn't like? Lydia worried about this too, not wanting to waste money.

Then, there were ethics. Having worked in the mining, oil an gas industry after leaving university, Lydia knew mining meant blood diamonds and child labour, and wanted an alternative.

Sadly, they didn't feel like they got the fun experience and personalised guidance they had hoped for, and it made Lydia want to do things differently. 

We stand for:





You must love it 

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Studio वं (vaṃ)


Handcrafted textile-based jewelry.
Inspired from the effortless maximalism of tribal India.
All products are limited edition. 

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love locked


Committed to showcasing items that are handcrafted with the utmost care and love, Love Locked offers jewelry, apothecary, and home goods that are unique, high quality, and one-of-a-kind. 

More than half of our items are designed and handcrafted in house allowing our customers the opportunity to customize their jewelry; ranging from everyday styles to our gorgeous engagement rings. We also carry over 90 artists from around the country that we absolutely love and respect, including amazing local Jersey City designers. 

With a large variety of jewelry styles available and prices fit for any budget we’re certain you’ll find a beautiful and special piece made just for you! 

Stones that are conflict-free, goods that are repurposed, and merchandise that is fair trade is of the utmost importance.

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