Be part of the green movement

Let's go green together! Be a part of the Green Movement and let others know your company is ethically responsible. Have your organization and/or products listed on our green resource site today, we will also share on our social media sites. 

Only companies who share the same values and align with our mission to create a healthier, greener world will be approved. Products and companies must be striving to be as earth conscious as possible.  

We support various environmental causes and charities by giving half of the membership fees to them.  

$24.99/year for businesses.  Half of this fee will be given to an environmental charity. 

FREE for non-profit organizations. Share your mission with the world.  You are making a difference in your community, to the people you serve, and the environment and we want people to know. 

To be considered for your business listing please provide the following information below.

  • Contact info (name, phone #)
  • Organization/Company Name
  • Category of business
  • Website
  • Brief explanation of how your organization or product are "green" and/or "giving back"
  • if approved we will send you invoice for membership fee

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