Earth Friendly Stationery

whole weddings - Ct


Whole Weddings has grown out of owner + graphic designer Kendra Meany’s love for art and nature. Based in rural Connecticut, the local landscape provides an endless source of inspiration. Our couples care as much about the environment as we do and are excited to give their guests unique stationery, that goes beyond just being lovely to look at but communicates with purpose and intention. We’re big believers that wedding stationery should be the marriage of style and sustainability. The core of our work utilizes handmade, plantable wildflower and herb seed paper. Through this material, we’re able to capture something that gets lost in traditional stationery. Instead of throwing the paper away, it’s able to get a second life in beautiful blooms. Offering a physical connection to the earth that seems to be lessening these days. Our approach to design is also a conscious one by eliminating the unnecessary and favoring the functional. #lesswastemorelove has become our rally cry. In pushing the stationery boundaries bit by bit we hope to influence wedding culture towards zero waste. To be a voice for weddings that support local economies, come together for causes fueled by love, embrace ethical values and work towards weddings that change the world. *Click on photo to learn more. 

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Papercraft miracles - NY


Eco-friendly handmade paper studio. Custom invitations, plantable paper, bookbinding and more.

Papercraft Miracles is an eco-friendly handmade paper studio. We specialize in invitations, decorative papers, plantable seed bombs, bookbinding services. Each piece is handmade with love & a little bit of magic at our solar-powered studio in Buffalo, NY. Janna Willoughby-Lohr is the artist behind Papercraft Miracles. Based in Buffalo, NY Janna is a poet, an artist, and a musician, having written her first poem at the youthful age of 5. She attended Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC, where she discovered the world of papermaking and bookbinding and was lucky enough to study under renowned book artist and author, Gwen Diehn. Janna created Papercraft Miracles in 2004, as a way to make a living creatively, with a dedication to the craft of paper & book arts.  She is thrilled that her creations have become a part of so many special moments, from weddings, to graduations, to births. As so much of the world is becoming screen-based and digital, Janna feels a calling to preserve and promote the physicality of book and paper arts. She loves bright colors, giggling and things that are small. 

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The Two Foxes Co.


What We Believe
We believe in simple designs that speak truth and bring joy. In a world that clamours to be busy, we believe less is more. That's why we favour simple cards and prints and use recycled and sustainable card and packaging. 

Who We Are
We're a team of two who work together to bring you sustainable and simple stationary. Beth draws, paints, and designs, while Dan helps with the technical side. Both inspire the other and bring vision to the table. 

Why We Do What We Do
We want people to have sustainable options that help the planet stay healthy. We want to provide cards for all ages and interests. And by finding 'just' the right card, we want the person who receives it to know it was made and chosen with love. We're a duo who believe in simple and playful designs paired with sustainability. Whether watercolour or ink, our designs seek to go beyond stereotypes and offer something for everyone. All our cards and envelopes are made from recycled card and paper and come as they are, free from any cellophane. 

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Hannah Marchant Illustrates - uk


My little seed cards are greetings cards embedded with various seeds. Once the greetings card has been enjoyed it can then be planted where it will grow as part of you flower, herb or vegetable garden. 

You can purchase one of my little seed cards from my shop or for a Trade brochure please click here to see my current range. 

The handmade paper is made with post-consumer material, meaning that no new fibres were used in the production of the paper. And because when the paper itself is planted, it composts away leaving only wildflowers or herbs or vegetables and NO WASTE! A truly eco friendly product!

The recycled paper pulp is then embedded with wildflower, herb or vegetable seeds. When you plant the paper in a pot of soil or outside in the garden, the seeds in the paper geminate and grow into plants! 

The wildflower seed paper contains a mix of wildflower seeds including Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, English Daisy, Catchfly, and Snapdragon. We also have a variety of herb seeds available as well as veggie seed papers. All the seeds are NON-GMO and tested and approved for planting in countries across the globe.

Are the seeds safe for planting? 

Yes, all the seeds used in seed papers are tested for purity and are approved by the APHA for planting in many countries worldwide. Please do contact me if you require a phytosanitary certificate for shipping and customs.

Are the seeds you use in your seed paper NON-GMO?

Yes, the seed paper only contains seeds that areof the highest quality and germination. All the seeds we handle are NON-GMO (genetically modified organism).

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Treasure Studios - UK


Vegan and Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations. That’s right, everything is Vegan. There’s no animal anything in our handmade goods.

I’m Karlee, the shop owner. I’m a passionate Vegan and have brought it to every single area of Treasure Studios. Even with completely unique requests, I’ll make absolutely sure. I’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to sourcing my wedding product materials and ensuring their origins are cruelty free.  Animals are friends, not favours!
–  Karlee Gould, Treasure Studios Creator

All printer inks used to provide wedding invitations are completely plant based at TS. Vegi inks are better for the environment and are truly sustainable.

TS is building a beautiful selection of Wedding Stationery, aiming to use only recycled materials. Producing as little waste as possible is an ideal we’re working towards and eventually these products will be phased out.

The TS website is hosted by a 100% carbon balanced provider, so even their website is eco-friendly. They buy only wind-farm energy to run their servers and frequently give back to the grid. Could this be the most Eco-friendly stationery ever?

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