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green foresters


Outside. Explorative. Adventurous. Natural. Simple. Sustainable. Healthy. Self Sufficient. 

These are some of the ways I want to live my life. This does not mean I have to be completely zero waste. This does not mean I have to be vegan. This means I want to use what I have efficiently, fix things when they are broken, attempt to make a smaller impact, nourish the body I was given, and explore the beautiful places that are on this Earth fully. No, I am not perfect with this. Yes, I still eat out. Yes, I still buy products in plastic when needed. Yes, I still eat some meat. But I try to be conscious of what I am doing and live with intention. Making small changes in my daily life can make a big difference.

This website is all about what I am trying to incorporate into my life to work towards these types of lifestyles. I am here to try to make resources for this type of living more accessible. You will see tips, DIYs, product reviews, sharable knowledge, recipes, our favorite travel destinations, and so much more amongst the Green Foresters community. I am just getting started so if you aren’t seeing much, stay tuned! I am excited to share and learn along with you! 

Keep on exploring in the meantime and as always,

Own Less. Live More. Love Lots. Explore.

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easy eco tips


Going green is easier than you think! Everyday, we give you one new easy eco tip that you can follow to reduce waste and help the planet :) 

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The Impactful Influencer Katee blizzard


🌎American Girl 💖 Aussie Bloke
👩🏼‍💻#SociallyConscious Blogger
📸 Creator for Purpose-Driven Brands
📝 Blogging about Traveling with Purpose ⬇️

Katee Blizzard is on a mission to put Impact into the world of Influencing. 

Her focus is on working with brands that are not only selling quality products, but doing so with sustainability and ethics in mind.

After managing a team that raised $1 Million for a Children’s Hospital in 2016, she found her passion for helping businesses recognize the value of partnering with causes they care about. This element of social good helps conscious consumers to see their brand as an agent of change versus a profit-generating machine.

Now, she is on a mission use her influence for the greater good in order to support brands that are making an impact on our world through various collaboration opportunities.

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Our.planet.our.home & Discover North Cyprus Blog


Hi, I am Inkka. Welcome to my blog.

I am so happy you are here. I live zero waste lifestyle  (which means – reducing plastic usage in our daily life) and whole food plant based lifestyle. These two lifestyles are my big passion. My blog is a little guide for discovering North Cyprus. You will find here. The beautiful places which you can visit. Things you can do here. A guide where / how to shop if you want to minimize the amount of plastic you use. Ideas for zero waste living and why this lifestyle is so amazing. Delicious whole food plant based recipes from the food you can find in North cyprus. And much much more…

Enjoy reading my blog and please come here regularly for more articles which I post on regular bases. Let’s also connect on Instagram coming soon @discover.north.cyprus

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Wrapped in Kindess - uk plastic free e-shop


Wrapped in Kindness is an E-shop full of plastic free alternatives for your pantry, beauty routine & on the go. I created this shop to bring together all the wonderful vegan, handmade and UK grown products I came across on my plastic free journey. 10% of our profit is donated to a vegan campaign, animal sanctuary or a sustainable charity each month. I decided to open my own plastic free shop to inspire and help others to live a more conscious and compassionate life. I want to introduce people to what plastic alternatives are out there and to show just how easy it is to make a change in the world – one item at a time. And if you think that one person is not enough to make a difference, think again because if you are stuck in a room with a mosquito, I am sure you will change your mind.

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Zero Waste


Explore stuff like tags, topics and categories to help you find inspiration  for everyday zero waste living from the team @ZeroWasteCo

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Green + Simple


Green+Simple is a destination for natural, sustainable and ethical living. We work with natural beauty experts, ethical and sustainable fashion advocates and business owners, wellness advisors and zero-waste pros to help inspire change. Whether it’s searching for the best non-toxic beauty finds, simple ways to reduce single-use plastics or uncovering where to find your new favourite sustainably-made t-shirt, we’re here to help.

Co-founders Jenny Ringland and Erica Watson have spent more than a decade working as lifestyle writers and editors for leading Australian newspapers and magazines. Having a family was the catalyst for both women to reassess their lifestyles, especially when it came to the beauty and personal care products they used for themselves and their families, the food they ate and their habits as consumers.

Green+Simple has been expertly curated by Jenny and Erica as well as leaders in their respective fields. We would never recommend anything we haven’t tried and tested on ourselves, our family or our friends. We’re on a journey to making better choices for ourselves, for the environment, for humankind. One change at a time.

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The Green Edition


Laura Cooper

Founder of The Green Edition
💚 #outfitrepeater
♻️ #sustainablefashion
👗 #30wears
🌱Environmentalist The Green Edition is a collection of ideas for how to live, dress and travel more sustainably. 

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Little plastic footprint


Where our plastic free journey began

We like to think we have always been aware of our waste and tried to do what we can. We recycled, grew some of our own veg and took our own bags to buy groceries. It wasn’t until we watched the movie Plastic Ocean that we realised we were not doing enough, not even close. It wasn’t just about recycling, it became about cutting plastic from our daily lives as much as possible. Not an easy task, especially with two young kids! We’re certainly not perfect, but we’ve decided to take small steps and blog about it along the way.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this, hope you continue to follow us and find it useful. 

Susie, Andrew, Jessica, Evie and Theo (our wonderful golden retriever)

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The Etico Project


Sharing our passion for handmade, organic, ethical and eco brands. 🌱 

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Ethical Bunny Blog


Welcome to the Ethical Bunny blog. This is a great starting point for those of you who are just making the transition to going cruelty free and need a few tips or advice on how to make the switch. The blog will be updated based on the demand for certain types of content, so if you have something you would really like to see a post about, head over to the contact page and send us a message. Furthermore, we are actively seeking guest bloggers who have insight into the world of cruelty free cosmetics and exceptional writing skills. All new blog posts written by me or a guest blogger will be featured in our weekly mailers. If you haven’t been added to our mailing list yet, make sure to enter your name and email address into that section of the sidebar. Enjoy the content!

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Bride and Tonic


Welcome to our little corner of the internet, Bride and Tonic. We are a bridal blog who believe in simplicity and sustainability, with a love for the smaller, intimate wedding. We support shopping ethical, independent and local, and want your wedding story to shine through. With Nikki having been through the wedding planning process, and Elle recently married, we have a wealth of wedding experience! We understand that wedding planning can be an overwhelming process. Just search the internet for weddings and you start to feel bombarded… We wanted to create a simple, stylised blog that was easy to read, calm on the eyes and a soothing tonic to your wedding woes. Enjoy perusing our lovely Bride and Tonic, we think you will enjoy.

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Ethical Writers


We are a network of bloggers, podcasters, vloggers, photographers, influencers and other creatives who seek to improve the world with their work. With successful members across the globe, we provide professional support, advice, and information to each other, band together to raise our rates to be in line with industry standards, and protect each other from exploitative practices by brands and clients. 

We recognize that ethical and sustainable living, leadership, and activism is a journey, not a destination, and so do not define what “ethical” means, only that it may include the fields of sustainability, social justice, or animal rights. We expect and require that members are honest and fair with their followers, clients, and each other, and always balance personal success and influence with an understanding of how their work impacts people, animals and the planet.

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The cause bar


We believe that our everyday choices matter most. We strive to inspire and educate our audience to lead a social good lifestyle. 

We seek to inspire through elevated storytelling about bold movements driving positive change in our world, while creating an inclusive and kind community.

We believe that every person has the power to be a changemaker.  Once each of us has been inspired to get involved in making a difference, we are forever changed for the better.

We know certain issues and causes can be overwhelming and intimidating.  We aren't extremists. We support our audience in taking each step, no matter the size, towards creating positive change. We all want to make a positive impact in more than just a reactive, emergency relief or holiday giving basis. But in this busy world, the majority are lacking the time, energy, and inspiration on how to live a more social good lifestyle. The Cause Bar exists to inspire, connect, and equip busy change makers to live out the lifestyle of positive change they wish to see in the world. 

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The Fashion Advocate


The Fashion Advocate is a Melbourne based blog, magazine and online store, supporting Australian fashion, beauty and lifestyle labels.   Our blog documents the journeys of creators and makers who are moving and shaking in the ethical and sustainable space, and our magazine features interviews with emerging and established designers who have inspiring tales to tell.    The Fashion Advocate delivers informed and educated content, focusing on unique design, creative integrity and individual talent to promote an ethical lifestyle.   We work with one goal in mind: to construct a liberal and dynamic future for the Australian creative industry. 

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🍃Organic superfoods

🍃Organic Fruits & Veggies
🍓Plant-Based Superfoods
🍉Vegan & Healthy

Fullyorganics is a brand new blog about Vegan Lifestyle, Health and Nutrition. We want to give you the best tips whether you are just thinking about going vegan or you’ve already been vegan yourself for years.

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Sound Sustainable


Hello! My names Nicole and I am the founder of ethical fashion & homeware brand Klute & Flume.  I have always been passionate about sustainable products and the benefits that come with them. As I’ve always had a curious nature, during the last six years I became fascinated with knowing where my clothes came from, or what chemicals were in my beauty products but most importantly, what I could do right now, to make small changes that would have a significant impact in the future. Along my journey I have discovered so many other exciting brands promoting a similar ethos to my own brand, which made me want to share my discoveries. Though the eco voice is certainly getting louder, I wanted to compile these exciting products to one, eco-friendly, conscious, ethical and sustainable hub! Alas, welcome to Sounds Sustainable! This isn’t a blog of preaching, my goal is simply to share the best eco brands, helping you, in however way you like, live a more conscious lifestyle.

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Vegan Cuts


🐰Vegan & Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes
🍬Snack Box
💋Beauty Box
💄Makeup Box
🌎Ships Worldwide
🏆VegNews Award for Best Boxes
🎁Get a Box⤵

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the consistency project


Our name comes from the common strive for consistency in our lives. We believe that if we can commit to sustainability through the way we dress, we can commit to sustainability in other parts of our lives, thus creating consistency for ourselves.
We curate vintage and secondhand pieces, upcycle in-house designs, provide personal styling and more. We're exploratory and ever evolving. We continue to seek any opportunity that contributes to our mission, a more sustainable NOW. We hope you'll follow along and support the project.
We're currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

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Our mission:

To raise awareness about, and provide access to, the world’s most innovative fashion alternatives, for a more sustainable fashion industry and a better world.

Our vision:

To become the digital home for the world’s most innovative and sustainable fashion alternatives.

WTVOX is the most trustworthy media platform covering the intersection of fashion with technology, catering to a global audience of fashion lovers interested in innovative and sustainable fashion apparel. WTVOX uncovers, supports, and promotes sustainable fashion labels and their creations, striving for a cleaner fashion industry and a better world.

As a media leader of the sustainable and innovative fashion movement, WTVOX pushes for a cleaner and more sustainable fashion industry in two ways.

► First – through its online media platform, media partners, and social media accounts – WTVOX creates awareness towards the problems caused by the fashion industry. At the same time, WTVOX uncovers and promotes some of the most innovative and sustainable fashion alternatives.

► Second – in its endeavour to support sustainable development in the fashion industry, WTVOX has launched a consumer-centric e-commerce platform. Curated by a team of experts in sustainable fashion, WTVOX Store is dedicated entirely to innovative and sustainable fashion apparel, granting fashion lovers access to the world’s most innovative and sustainable fashion labels and their products. Products that help people, protect animals, and nurture the environment.

Only together, we can make this world a better place!

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